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Why to Book SkyHelix Combo Tickets?

Book your tickets for the SkyHelix Singapore, one ofthe most adventurous thing to do in singapore & uniquely shaped and thrilling open-air rides in the world. This ride is a form of a vertical-helical structure that can be easily figured out from distances. SkyHelix is Sentosa’s highest ride at a whopping 79 meters above sea level and 35 meters above the ground. Booking tickets for this ride will take you to one of the highest vantage points, giving you the entire look of Sentosa. Another specialty of this ride is that it’s an open-air ride that allows you to feel the cool air playing with your hair. From here, you will be able to see stunning 360-degree views of the entire Sentosa island, turquoise sea, and Southern islands while experiencing the best journey of your life. Once you book SkyHelix Combo Tickets, you can take this ride during the bright light of the sun or during the shimmery lights of the nighttime. Through Combo Tickets of SkyHelix, you will be able to enjoy the most elegant non-alcoholic beverage up high in the sky while witnessing the mesmerizing look of the entire Sentosa Island.


SkyHelix Combo Tickets

Singapore Cable Car
Singapore Cable Car + SkyHelix Sentosa + Sentosa Dining Pass

The Combo Tickets of SkyHelix and Singapore cable car will save you extra bucks to keep you busy in enjoyment. Start your day with the beautiful bird’s eye view of Singapore through the round trip in the cable car. Witness the Sentosa Island, turquoise waters, beach, and urban development of Singapore from the heavenly heights. Start the second part of your day by sitting on the enchanting helical ride of SkyHelix. Sit and enjoy your favorite beverage in the open-air gondola. Watch the mesmerizing views from 35 meters above ground level and feel the refreshing air on your face.

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Sky Dining in Singapore.jpg
SkyHelix Sentosa + Sentosa Dining Pass

Enjoy your day in the heavenly skies of Singapore through the combo of SkyHelix Sentosa and the Sentosa Dining Pass. This ticket combo will make you eat the tastiest food in the beautiful skies of Sentosa Island. Start your evening by onboarding the famous helical ride of Sentosa ascending you and your loved one in a spiral motion. On the SkyHelix ride, you can sit at the gondola to grab a refreshing drink along with your light snack and experience the amazing views of Singapore’s skyline. As the sun goes down, the beautiful sky-high ride gets lit by LEDs. You will be served the yummiest dinner along with enjoying the views of shimmery nights of Singapore’s skyline and cold winds that would calm you.

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madame tussauds Singapore Deals
SkyHelix Sentosa + Madame Tussauds Singapore

Start your day by exploring Madame Tussauds of Singapore to meet the waxed stars. Enjoy the 3-minute boat ride known as the ‘Spirit of Singapore’ to enter the 30-minute narration of ‘Images of Singapore LIVE’. You can witness the 4D Marvel Cinema and the ultimate film star experience with all the world-famous superstars, and choose to end the experience at Madame Tussauds Virtual Reality Racing. Start the second part of your day to relax on the open-air helical ride of SkyHelix. You will be able to end your day with a refreshing drink while witnessing the enchanting views of Singapore’s skyline.

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Skyline luge sentosa Singapore
SkyHelix Sentosa + Skyline Luge Sentosa

Get the SkyHelix Combo Tickets of Skyline luge Sentosa and SkyHelix to enjoy your stay in Singapore. Start the day by lunging down into four thrilling tracks to give yourself a boost of adrenaline. Choose 2,3, or 4 rides out of the four tracks of this amazing ride. Start the second half of your day to board the enchanting helical ride of SkyHelix. This ride makes you rise high in the sky giving you 360 degrees views of Sentosa’s beautiful skyline. You can have the most refreshing beverage of your life to drink along with the winds coming upon your face.

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Sentosa 4D Adventureland
SkyHelix Sentosa + Sentosa 4D AdventureLand

Start your day with the SkyHelix ride of Sentosa taking you 35 meters high above ground level. The helical ride will ascend you spirally in the sky while the cold wind blows on your face. Once you reach the top, you will be able to witness the beauty of Sentosa Island, turquoise waters, and the urban development of Singapore. Start the second part of your day to experience the different thrilling rides in the themed park of 4D Adventureland. You will gain access to 4 zones- Extreme log ride, journey 2, haunted mine ride 4D and desperados.

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Advantages of Book SkyHelix Tickets Tickets From Us

Booking SkyHelix Combo Tickets from us is the best option that guarantees you comfort by instant confirmation. Owing to the popularity of SkyHelix rides, the place witnesses massive visitors most of the time. Hence, the Tickets of SkyHelix sell like hot cakes. Sometimes, there are long queues at ticket counters and you have to wait for long hours with the chances of the tickets being completely sold out even before your turn comes. To avoid all this, the online booking system will save you from the crowds by fixing the date of your choice with instant confirmation.

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1. Escape Long Queues: The offline or in-person ticket experience makes you witness large crowds at the venue. People spend hours standing in queues to purchase the SkyHelix ride tickets. The online booking system books a ride for you in seconds, cutting out long waiting hours and tiredness. It is frequently seen that the tickets get sold out even before your turn. Hence, the online booking system saves you from crowds and fixes the date of your choice.

2. Perfect Combo: You can fetch yourself the perfect combination of SkyHelix tickets along with other nearby attractions at Sentosa Island at affordable prices. These places include Singapore Cable Car, dining pass, Madame Tussauds, Skyline Luge, Sentosa 4D Adventureland, etc.

3. Book in Advance: It’s always the best idea to book your SkyHelix tickets online in advance. You can conveniently book the ticket for the date of your choice, just by a single click. Moments after the booking, you are provided with confirmation which helps you plan your sightseeing in Singapore with ease. Booking in advance saves your time and energy as you skip waiting in long queues at the ticket counter. Moreover, you have a variety of discounts available on your screen as your book in advance.

4. Ease of Booking: The online booking system is the most convenient and the quickest way to book tickets for SkyHelix, Singapore. You can book tickets from the comfort of your home just by a single click. Booking online saves you from the pain of waiting in long queues at the ticket counter. All you have to do is click on the combo offer of your choice and wait for the confirmation that usually takes no longer than one hour.

5. Ticket Deals: Once you book, you will be able to fetch a variety of deals and combos for yourself. These deals and combos will have more offerings at a discounted price. Once you find an appropriate deal for yourself that aligns with your traveling goals, you can just get booked from the website. The tickets are available at cheaper prices at a rate much lower than the original price. The discounts exist as in-general offs and promotional codes.

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FAQ's of SkyHelix Singapore

How to book SkyHelix Singapore Tickets?

You can book Single or Combo Tickets of SkyHelix through various online websites anytime-anywhere through a single click.

What is the best way to book SkyHelix tickets?

The best way to book single or SkyHelix Combo Tickets is through the system of online booking. This reduces the manual load of standing and waiting in long queues at the ticket counter. The online booking system gives instant confirmation, fixing all your travel plans and saving you from any last-minute hassle.

Can I book tickets online?

Yes, you can book tickets online from various online websites from any part of the world with internet access.

What is famous about SkyHelix Sentosa?

SkyHelix Sentosa is famous for its helical structure, the spiral-shaped ride. This ride ascends generally up in the sky and moves in a spiral motion. SkyHelix ride is an open-air ride, making windy winds touch your face and play with your hair. Once you are 35 meters high in the sky, you will be able to witness the entire city of Sentosa island and its surrounding emerald waters.

What are the other activities we can do at the Mount Faber line?

Beautiful Sightseeing Through The Cable Car: You can witness the beauty of the entire Sentosa island through the mesmerizing cable car ride. Along with 8 other people, you will be able to enjoy the views from a height of 120 meters above sea level.

International Views from Mount Faber Park: You can witness the far-off views of Indonesia’s Riau Islands and the Southern parts of the Malaysian peninsula. The captivating views of Keppel Harbor along with views of Singapore’s city limelight.

Walk Around the Hilltops: You can walk around the lovely pavements in the lush green park as Marang Trail connects the base of Faber Station to the car station. You can catch a glimpse of the elegant historic Golden Bell Mansion, which today is Danish Seamen’s Church.

Greet Merilon Baby: At the highest point of Mount Faber, you will find the cute white-colored Merilon Baby in Merlion Park. This cute structure is called a ‘baby’ because it is smaller in size compared to the other five Merilons.

What are the safety guidelines to keep in mind while going for SkyHelix Singapore?

  • You must be 1.05 meters above the height for experiencing this ride.
  • The ride can cause damage to unwell people, elders, pregnant women, or people with pre-existing medical conditions such as vitiligo and motion sickness. Hence, you should be advised to check your health before boarding.
  • You cannot take your pets or any other animals on this ride.
  • You should wear properly fitted clothes and comfortable shoes while boarding the ride.
  • Items made from glass and bags are not allowed.
  • Cameras or devices should be handled with care as they may fall from the ride.
  • There is an appropriate social distance maintained between each rider.
  • The maximum group size of the riders has been reduced to 2-3 Pax.
  • Gondola table is cleaned and disinfected with sanitizer after every ride.

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